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How should I prepare for my party or event?

In most cases you do not have much to worry about, although we do ask you to supply a normal height table (small table is fine) and 2 normal height chairs if you have booked face painting. For party characters, we ask for 1 chair and a small table if we perform magic tricks. We bring our own small music speaker for parties in small or medium sized spaces.

If you have booked character(s) and your event takes place in a large open space (capacity 30+ people), a microphone and audio speaker system are usually essential. Currently we are able to supply a small microphone system for no additional cost and are happy to bring it as long as you can organize someone to help to bring it in from the entertainer’s car.

However, if your venue is very large (capacity 80+ people) and a stage performance is required, please note we may not be able to supply a suitable audio system at this time. If we are, there may be an additional fee for us to bring it and set it up. We recommend you to find out if your venue can supply the mic and audio system – if not, please contact us to discuss.

Posted by believe
January 25, 2018