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For Birthday Parties and Events

Amazing kids' face painting makes any event truly special! Rainbows and glitters galore will impress and delight kids and adults alike. Servicing Greater Vancouver, BC.

Face Painting for Kids Birthday Party Vancouver BC

Amazing Face Painting for Kids in Vancouver, BC

  • Face painting is a classic birthday party activity. Kids, teens and even adults love it and it will spark their imaginations!
  • Our sophisticated face paint designs can go on the forehead, temple, cheek, or even on the arm! We have wow-worthy designs that look great even with a face mask!
  • Gorgeous face painting will make the birthday child and your guests feel special. You'll enjoy looking back on the photos and appreciating the art over and over again.

Why Should You Choose Our Kids' Face Painting Services?

Hygienic and Safe Face Painting
Hygienic & safe

We have implemented a thorough sanitization procedure. This is important as there is no universally accepted standard in our industry.

Stunning Face Painting Art
Stunning art

We offer you some of the finest art in town. This is a specialized profession that we are highly trained in. Even adults love our artistic designs!

Top Rated With Five Star Reviews
100+ five-star reviews

Choose someone you can trust to show up on time and delight your guests. Check us out on Google, Facebook, Yelp and more!

How Do Our Face Painting and Balloon Twisting Birthdays Work?

  • Minimum age for face painting is 2 years old. There is no upper age limit, we love to paint adults, too!
  • Our style of painting usually goes on the forehead, temple and/or cheek. We prefer not to cover the whole face with paint. We can paint arms, too!
  • Your face painter brings all supplies except the table and chairs. Please reserve adult sized 4ft table and two chairs for the artist's use only.
  • Face painting is a "one child at a time" activity. It can be happening concurrently with dining and other activities.
  • Book one of our popular Face Painting and Balloon Twisting Combo Packages for twice the fun!

Get your number

We can hand out numbers to the kids so that they don’t need to wait in line. (Note: Does not work at loud parties or large venues, where lining up will be necessary.)

Pick your face or arm paint design from our menu

Our face painting menus have many popular and creative options, like unicorns, rainbows, princess crowns, tigers, superheroes and more! We can paint most things on the arm too.

Go play, or watch your face painter work!

If the kids have a number they are free to play (or eat!) while waiting for their turn. However, often kids will enjoy watching the face painter work!

Get your face or arm painted

Come over when your number is called. If you booked the face painting and balloon twisting combo, note that these services will be provided subsequently (not simultaneously), so you'll be called again later for balloon animals.


Now that your face or arm painting is done, go on and proudly display it! Our paints dry fast, but it's still a good idea to take a photo of a painted child right away, just in case they smudge the paint with tears, food or drink. 

Hire our Face Painter for Gorgeous Face and Body Art

Birthday Party Face Painting Gallery

Take a look at our face painting professional designs and ideas! Our face painting art is not just reserved for kids - adults love it, too! We can paint around a face mask or on the arms, too!

Please note, the level of detail is adjusted to the number of kids at your event. Each artist in our team has a different menu selection.

Face Painting Prices for Birthdays & Family Gatherings

We have set packages for balloon twisting at birthday parties and private gatherings of up to 30 kids. Take a peek at our most popular packages below! Please note that extra large birthdays and private gatherings with more than 30 kids are subject to our event pricing rather than our birthday pricing. To obtain a quote for an extra large birthday party or private gathering, please complete the birthday party inquiry form.

Looking for face painting for a business, community or non-profit event? Click here for access to our event pricing!

Please note, we are unable to paint any body part of under 2 year olds due to insurance and liability reasons. Therefore, you should exclude them from your numbers when deciding on a package, unless your package includes a balloon artist which is good for all ages under adult supervision.

  • Small parties

  • large parties

1 Hr Face Painting


  • One artist
  • Maximum 6 kids

Not available during peak hours (11:30 AM to 5:30 PM) on weekends and public holidays

2 Hrs Face Painting & Balloon Twisting


  • One artist
  • Maximum 10 kids

Small Parties

1 Hr Face Painting


  • One artist
  • Maximum 6 kids

Not available during peak hours (11:30 AM to 5:30 PM) on weekends and public holidays

1.5 Hrs Face Painting


  • One artist
  • Maximum 10 kids

2 Hrs Face Painting & Balloon Twisting


  • One artist
  • Maximum 10 kids

Large Parties

2 Hrs Face Painting Only


  • One artist
  • Maximum 15 kids

2.5 Hrs Face Painting Only


  • One artist
  • Maximum 20 kids

2 Hrs Face Painting & Balloon Twisting


  • Two artists
  • Maximum 15-20 kids for face painting
  • Maximum 20-25 kids for balloons

*Price excludes travel and rush hour fees, if any. Travel fees vary from $0-$60+GST depending on which artist is attending your booking and where your venue is. Car parking cost, if any, is additional to services cost. Parking is required in immediate vicinity of the venue entrance. All rates subject to 10% increase in high season (May, June & December, including the last weekend of November, and some holidays such as Halloween). Please contact us to obtain a firm quote for your event date and location.

Frequently Asked Questions

The earlier the better, although we may not be taking bookings any further ahead than 3 months from the current date. Sometimes some dates get booked up to 2 months in advance. Generally you should try to book our services at least 1 month before your date.

For any of our services, please provide parking space(s) for the artist(s) in the immediate vicinity of the venue entrance to avoid any additional long distance parking fees.

For our princess parties, we may ask you for a chair, small table and lots of empty space. For face painting, we need an adult-sized, dining height table (min 4ft long) and two chairs. Please note we are unable to face paint at picnic tables that have benches attached to it.

For balloon twisting we usually need a dining height table as well. If your event is outside, we require shade to cover the entire area the artist is working in. Please place us far away from any BBQs in use, or children playing ball games.

If your package includes character entertainment or other party entertainment, please don’t worry about audio as we will bring our own audio (and even mic, if necessary) with us!

We are a mobile entertainment service. We do not offer any venue services. You book a venue (or throw a party at your house) and we come to you!

Our arrival times depend on many factors, including what services you have booked, what type of a venue it is, which artist is attending and what their kit is like, etc. However, whatever the case may be you can expect us to arrive early enough to set up so that we will start sharply at the time you booked us for. For example, if you booked the artist to start at 12:00 and that artist requires 10 minutes set up time, they will arrive at 11:50 (or earlier) for a start at 12:00 sharp. Usually set up times are between 5 to 15 minutes.

For large events, we may arrive anywhere from 15-45 minutes early, depending on the circumstances of the event. We use this extra time to park our car, find our way to the workstation, set ourselves up and get ready. We determine the appropriate arrival time by the specifics of the event, venue, and the set up time required by the specific artist attending. Please rest assured we always allow ourselves enough time to arrive and prepare, and start the services at the agreed time. If you have a special requirement for us to arrive at a time of your choosing instead of ours, please note that we will charge you an extra fee for arriving earlier.

Pretty much any time works, including the exact start time of your event. Keep in mind face painting and balloon twisting are one child at a time -type of activities, so all of your guests do not need to have arrived when we begin the services. We can just start with the birthday child and siblings (or anyone who is around), and as we get through them more kids will have arrived.

If you have a magician or some other type of a show booked, please do keep in mind that unless your guests are ok missing a part of the show, a face painter would be sitting idle during the show. Time sitting idle is still chargeable time. Therefore, if you are booking a show and a face painter, please try not to overlap them. Always let us know if you have booked a show with another company.

Yes, we can, on a few conditions. First you should know that we require a non-refundable deposit to be paid to confirm a booking, and we do NOT refund deposits if you decide to cancel your party due to adverse weather conditions. So you should have a “Plan B” in place in case of bad weather.

We require parking close to the party site (if parking is limited, please ensure to reserve a space for your artist using your own car, that you will move when the artist arrives). We also require ample shade for all our artists and services, and are therefore unable to provide our services at an open sports field. Especially for our princess character services, please ensure that you choose a park site where the ground is dry and clean, as we cannot come anywhere where our delicate and elaborate costumes can get soiled or damaged.

Please note that some of our services may require adult sized table(s) and chair(s). In case you don’t have these, you can ask us if we are able to bring our own to your event for an added cost. Our face painters are unable to work at picnic tables that have benches attached to them.

Yes, we do. On our face painting and balloon twisting service pages, please see the “Large parties” tab for some popular multi-artist options for birthday parties. If you are planning a different type of an event, such as a community/corporate/daycare/etc. event, or don’t see an option suitable for your event, please contact us for a custom quote.

It depends on the total number of kids at your event. For parties of approximately 10 kids or less, 1 multi-tasking artist is sufficient. For events of 10-15 kids, 1 artist may be sufficient (and will work out cheaper) if you are able to give us more than 2 hours to get through everyone (2.5 hours required for up to 15 kids). For events of 16-30 kids, you will need to book 2 artists (1 face painter and 1 balloon artist) so that we can get through everyone within a reasonable time.

For events larger than 30 kids you may need more than 2 artists depending on the specifics of your event. Please contact us for more information if you are planning a large event.

Our face painters and balloon artists wear a colorful attire (NOT a character costume) that goes with any party theme. On request, we can also wear a formal attire to weddings and other special occasions

If you would like a princess costumed character to attend your party, please book one of the Princess Party Packages. Princess character services always come with an interactive show and many other activities besides the face painting or balloon twisting, which are not the focus of the entertainment in those packages.

Please note we don’t have services where we come to just face paint or make balloons in a fairytale character costume, as we reserve our elaborate and delicate costumes and wigs for use in interactive shows.

No, we do not wear clown make up and we do not offer any clown services either.

Both activities are popular. Just keep in mind minimum age for face and arm painting is 2yo. If there are a lot of babies and toddlers at your party you may want to book balloon twisting instead.

Remember that with balloon twisting there will inevitably be a few balloons that pop either when being made or when the child is playing with it. If the sound of popping balloons bothers you or anyone present at the party, consider booking face painting instead.

Another important consideration is whether you booked a bouncy castle, as some bouncy castle vendors unfortunately prohibit face painting (for no valid reason, as our face paints rarely smear, and even if they do, they come right off with a wet wipe!) In this case, balloon twisting is a better choice, since unfortunately we can’t change the policies of other vendors.

If you just can’t decide, ask the birthday child what they prefer (if they are old enough to voice an opinion!), or book both – we have package options with both services included!

Please rest assured that your face painter and/or your balloon artist will continue working for the full duration that you have hired them for. For face painting that might mean painting some arms in addition to faces. For balloon twisting that might mean fixing popped balloons and/or replacing them. Extra time is ALWAYS a good thing!

Yes, most of our artists have menus with colored pictures. Please note, menus and designs offered vary artist by artist. We are unable to send our menus via email to you prior to your event due to intellectual property and copyright reasons. However, if you are looking for a specific design please feel free to ask us if it can be included.

Not necessarily. For relatively small parties and events we can assign kids numbers and call out the next number when a child is finished, so that they can play or eat while waiting for their turn. However, this is not possible if your party venue is very large or if you have loud music or bouncy castles turned on. Also, a lot of the time we find that the children will prefer to wait and watch while the face painter/balloon twister works their magic!

If you are booking a large sized public, community or corporate event, then yes there will be a line up. Please note that our artists are unable to manage the lineup actively and therefore it is highly preferred that event organizers provide a volunteer to help manage and close the line at busy events.

We do have a lot of themes and popular designs available. However, it does depend on what your theme is. Please contact us to discuss details. Some themes could be time consuming to recreate on the skin or in balloons, and therefore you may need to book us for a longer time.

We certainly face paint willing adults, too – face painting has no upper age restrictions! However, with regards to minimum age, children should be at least 2 years old, comfortable to sit still and also comfortable with the brush or sponge against their skin. Please note we are unable to paint any body part of under 2 year olds due to insurance and liability reasons.

In addition, to avoid infection risks we will not be able to apply face paints on any individuals who are unwell or displaying symptoms of illness, regardless of the cause (including: coughing, sneezing and runny nose) or have a rash, cut or infection on their skin.

Our face paints are almost always easy to remove with nothing more than a warm, wet wash cloth and maybe a little bit of baby shampoo. Like most make-up, sometimes dark or bright colors can leave a faint shadow on the skin for a few hours after washing. It also depends on how long they have the face paint on and what type of skin they have.

The best way to get rid of it is to gently rub it away with a cotton pad and Vaseline. Additionally, some parents choose to simply wait a few hours and wash again, in which case it usually disappears completely. You can also use baby oil or baby wipes.

Not really. Face paint dries on the skin in a matter of seconds or a few minutes at the most, and once the child leaves our chair the paint is usually already almost fully dry. Even if some paint got on a surface, it is water soluble ie. wipes off easily with a wet cloth. However, in the very unlikely event that a color prone to staining (such as blue or green) somehow got on a rug or other fabric surface, staining is possible. If you are very worried about stains on your chairs or carpet, you could cover them with something or remove the rug.

Although possible, allergic reaction is very rare. If your child is susceptible to allergies or has very sensitive skin you may want to consider a patch test prior to having their face painted. If any reaction or discomfort occurs within 60 minutes wash with water immediately.

We only use professional (high-end) hypoallergenic products from reputable brands. Our paints are safe, non-toxic and made for use on skin.

We are extremely COVID conscious. In our opinion, we adhere to some of the highest hygiene standards amongst all artists in town. In addition to thorough sanitization in between kids, our artists also are COVID vaccinated and we wear masks while face painting, whether indoors or outdoors. If there is a serious disease outbreak, we may temporarily cease to offer the face painting service as an extra precaution.

For the safety of the children, please ensure there is an adult present to supervise the activities at ALL TIMES. Please do not assign us in an isolated room away from the adults as this will void our insurance. You will have the best experience with our character services when all members of the families are present during the character show. The character show is for the entire family to enjoy, including the adults.

No, unfortunately we do not offer magic (except as part of the Charming and Royal princess packages, and only to a very small/limited extent. We do NOT have a full magic show, we only have the character shows where we incorporate it amongst other activities we do.) Please feel free to ask us for recommendations for local magicians if you’d like to add one to your booking.

No, unfortunately we do not have a clown character. When you book us only for face painting and/or balloon twisting, we do wear a colorful and eye-catching attire but we do not apply clown make up on our faces and we do not have a clown show.

No, we only offer party entertainment services. Please feel free to ask us for recommendations for some great local balloon and party decor vendors.

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