Rapunzel Princess Birthday Party

Rapunzel Princess Birthday Party Vancouver

With stunning long hair and non-stop fun activities, Rapunzel will be the hit of the party!

Our Rapunzel Princess Character cannot wait to come to your child's birthday party, as she was once stuck inside a tower for so long, wondering just when will her life begin?

She will immediately engage with all the children, telling them about all of the different activities she would do in her tower to pass time: painting, reading, pottery making... and she has some special songs to sing too, which she will dedicate to the birthday child, making them the star of the day!

A princess of many talents, she can even do beautiful mini face paintings on all children or make some fast and fun balloon animals! Our Rapunzel Princess Birthday Party is full of so many fun activities! 

Activities included in our birthday party character show & pricing:

hire our rapunzel princess for the best birthday party ever!

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"My daughter's birthday party was so special with Rapunzel. She said after the party that the coronation ceremony was the best thing and the gift she most liked is the necklace she got from Rapunzel. She's been using it daily since the party. I personally love the singing part. Her voice is beautiful!"


What Kids Can Learn from Rapunzel Princess Character

Meeting a Birthday Party Character is inspirational and the characters make great role models for kids!

  • Hobbies are important! Rapunzel loves to talk about the different things she did when she was stuck in the tower: painting, reading, playing music, dancing and more! It’s important to have a hobby and develop your skills.
  • Most people deserve a second chance. Rapunzel’s love interest isn’t exactly a prince in a modern telling of the story. Some might even say he was a thief! But it’s important to understand everyone makes mistakes and most people deserve a second chance.
  • Don’t give up on your dreams. True for many princesses, and especially Rapunzel who always dreamt of seeing the floating lanterns - and because of her perseverance, her dream came true!
Rapunzel Princess Birthday Party Character

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