Vancouver Fairy Birthday Party

Vancouver Fairy Birthday Party

Hire a Fairy for a Birthday Party - Make Your Party Imaginative, Enchanting and Fun!

Fairies for parties make a great birthday theme and fairy characters continue to spark the imaginations of children, never losing their appeal! However, organizing a successful fairy birthday party may feel like an overwhelming task with so many things to consider. Why not let us take the fairy entertainment off your plate so that you can focus on watching the children enjoying their time?

Our birthday party characters make kids' parties unforgettable, and make your life easier. No fairy party will be complete without our beautiful Tinker Fairy Entertainer or our Original Fairy (also doubles as the Tooth Fairy)! Dressed in a stunning costumes complete with iridescent wings, our birthday fairies look like they stepped right out of a storybook!

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What Are Our Fairytale and Princess Parties Like?

Fairies for Parties Vancouver BC

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"We had the Tinker fairy entertain the kids at my daughter's birthday party and she did a great job. She captured the kids attention well, her singing was very nice and the kids had a great time. She also twisted balloons afterwards and that was a big hit too. Highly recommend."


What Kids Can Learn From the Birthday Fairy

Meeting a Birthday Party Fairy is inspirational and the characters make great role models for kids!

  • Nature is magical. One of the Tinker Fairy’s most important tasks is to help spring arrive every year. She loves to talk about nature, including the seasons, flowers, trees, animals and more! Nature helps us all feel refreshed and recharged.
  • Everyone has a special skill. The Tinker Fairy’s special skill is tinkering with things, of course! At first, she secretly wished she had a different special skill like one of her fairy friends. But soon, she learned to appreciate her uniqueness.
  • Together we can be more. With so many fairy friends, the Tinker Fairy loves to talk about the power of friendship. And with her friends she can achieve amazing things that she couldn’t do alone, like make the spring come every year.
Birthday Party Fairy Entertainer

Birthday Fairy Entertainer Options

Tinker Fairy

Hire a Fairy for a Birthday Party Vancouver BC

"Spring Moon" the Fairy (or Tooth Fairy)

Birthday Fairy for Hire Vancouver BC

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