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Kids’ Party Entertainment Ideas

Kids Party Entertainment Ideas for Birthdays

If you're planning to throw a fantastic children's birthday party, you're probably looking for kids party entertainment ideas. There’s lots of other things to consider too, like invitations, party favors, food, cake and party favors. Add to that party entertainment and games, and you might start feeling a little overwhelmed!

If you would like to avoid the overwhelm and make your kids party planning a little bit easier, we recommend that you hire professional children’s entertainment.

Consider this: Coming up with birthday party entertainment yourself takes a lot of work. Not only you need to research ideas for games and other activities, you need to source all the supplies as well. This can mean a lot of running around in party and dollar stores.

If you hire a children’s entertainer or a party entertainment company then you can focus on just the invitation list, food and party favors, which are often easier to come up with than age appropriate kids party entertainment!

Here are some kids party entertainment ideas to consider when you’re planning your child’s next birthday party.

1. Face painting

Choosing the Best face painter for your kids' birthday party

What it is

Face painting is a classic party activity. When you opt to hire a professional, which is what we would always recommend, you will be able to see true creations of art come into life on skin – face or the arm!

How it works

This video gives you a bit of an idea! The face painting professional comes with their kit so you don’t need to worry about any supplies. All you need to do is supply the table and two chairs for the activity.

The artist will set up their station at the table, and kids will come one at a time. They can choose their favorite face painting design from the menu supplied by the artist. Some kids prefer to have their arm painted instead of their face!

The face painter can give the kids numbers and call them out so that they don’t need to line up, although, this doesn’t work at large venues or parties that are very loud.

What type of party it suits best

It’s a pretty casual, one child at a time -type of an activity. It can be happening concurrently with other activities such as food, bouncy castles/play equipment, etc.

It suits pretty much any type of kids birthday party except parties where there’s mostly just babies and toddlers present. This is because most precautious and liability insured artists have a minimum age requirement (for our services, it’s 2 years old). Painting anyone younger than that is pretty pointless anyway - they usually don't enjoy it at that age unfortunately!

How much it costs

Our face painting packages start at $210+GST for 1 hour.

Where to get it

2. Balloon twisting

Kids Party Entertainment Ideas Balloon Twister

What it is

Balloon twisting is another hit activity that suits almost all kids birthday parties! A balloon twister or balloon artist makes balloon animals out of twisting balloons which are filled with air.

Balloon animals are not the same thing as helium balloons (balloons that float) or balloon arches (which serve as party decorations, rather than as “toys” for kids to play with).

How it works

Check out this video about how balloon twisting works. Like face painting, balloon twisting is a “one child at a time” type of an activity and not a group activity.

So, kids come when it’s their turn (or a their leisure), choose their desired balloon animal from the menu supplied by the balloon person and watch the balloon animal being made in front of their eyes! They can then take it and play with it, which can keep them busy for quite a while.

Balloon artists bring all their supplies with them, but will usually require an adult sized table to work at, plus of course shelter from sun or rain and a parking space for their car.

What type of party it suits best

Balloon twisting goes with almost any type of birthday party, since kids always love it!

However, keep in mind if you’re having your party on a paved yard the balloons are going to pop much quicker than if you were doing your party inside or even in a grassy spot.

Kids love running around with their balloons and eventually they will drop them on the pavement where they pop very quickly.

How much it costs

Our balloon animal making packages start at $210+GST for 1 hour.

Where to get it

3. Party Characters

Princess Parties Vancouver Birthday Party Entertainment for Kids

What it is

Our princess characters go with various fairytale birthday party themes. If your child is obsessed with a princess or a fairytale character, it will be great fun for them to meet their favorite character in person!

And even if they’re not quite “obsessed” the birthday party characters are actually always fun since they come with so many activities.

There are also other types of characters for birthday parties besides princesses, like superheroes and mascot characters (characters that wear a costume that covers the head of the performer).

How it works

Princess theme birthday parties can be so much fun because the princess party entertainers come with so many activities for the kids to enjoy!

Princess party entertainment packages often include storytime, live singing, a princess crowning activity and games. When you hire our princess birthday party entertainers they can even do magic, mini face painting and balloon twisting!

Because there’s so much for the kids to do with the princess you don’t have to plan a lot of activities and you can just focus on planning food, cake, invitation lists and party bags.

What type of party it suits best

It’s best when you are celebrating a 3-7 year old as that would be the ideal age but we’ve done princess themed birthday parties for younger and older even.

Our princess parties are also best for small or medium sized parties (less than 20 kids).

How much it costs

Our princess party entertainment packages start at $200+GST for 30 minutes.

Where to get it

4. Bouncy Castles

What it is

Bouncy castles are a simple way to keep kids entertained at a birthday party, big or small. It’s guaranteed to be a hit for boys and girls, and for many ages.

Many bouncy castles come with added features like slides (even water slides), tubes, obstacle courses and more! A versatile bouncy castle could easily keep the kids coming back for more throughout the entire party.

How it works

When you rent from a quality bouncy castle supplier, they will deliver the bouncy castle, set it up before the party and then after the party ends come and pull it down for you. That makes everything so easy for you.

What type of party it suits best

Great for parties big and small! Just keep in mind bouncy castles may not combine well with certain other types of entertainment, depending on the circumstances.

If you’re planning to book children's party entertainers such as a princess party character, a magician, clown or any of the sort make sure your bouncy castle can be easily turned off and re-inflated (or that it’s in a separate room from the princess show) since bouncy castles could distract kids from the entertainer’s show.

Some bouncy castle operators do not allow face painting at the party so if your mind is set on face painting make sure to check with your bouncy castle supplier if they will allow it.

How much it costs

Rentals usually start at around $200 for a 4-hour rental.

Where to get it

There’s many companies from where you can rent a bouncy castle in Vancouver, BC. If you give Jim’s Bouncy Castle Rentals a try though, you won’t regret it!

5. Photobooths

What it is

Photobooths are little booths where your party guests can take photos of them against a backdrop, usually with different types of props to choose from.

Photos can be printed instantly, emailed digitally or both. The great thing about photobooths is that it’s a party entertainment option that everyone can enjoy regardless of their age!

How it works

The best photobooth operators typically give you full service, so all you need to do is make a booking, and someone will come, set up and operate the photobooth for you!

 Photobooth operators usually have plenty of backdrops, props and different set ups for you to choose from, and prices vary accordingly.

What type of party it suits best

Photobooths are great for parties with older kids who might enjoy this type of activity, and also for parties where there’s adults that may enjoy taking their photos, too!

How much it costs

Prices usually start at around $600 for 2 hours rental.

Where to get it

To conclude

Hopefully our blog post has given you some ideas about what kind of party entertainment you can hire for your child's next birthday party!

If your budget allows, combining multiple types of entertainment and activities can be fun especially for larger parties.

However, simple is sometimes better, and it's not necessary to have dozens of attractions at the birthday party. In fact, it can be more effective to have just one or two "big activities" or entertainment numbers at the party. That way, kids don't get overstimulated and tune out of the things you worked so hard to get. 

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